For Patients

A Different Kind of Infusion Experience

Prosper Infusion was started because the founders realized the inefficiencies in healthcare after suffering from both personal experiences with family members, as well as professional experiences working at some of the top healthcare institutions. We recognized that the only way to change healthcare for the better is to start a company that is positioned to tackle the healthcare challenges of the future.

Our Promise

Designed from the ground up, Prosper Infusion re-imagines infusion care for patients with chronic, complex diseases. We promise to put our best foot forward in ensuring each patient receives high-quality healthcare that promotes improved health outcomes and efficiency. That means not just focusing on your infusion care, but helping you be healthy all-around.


We’ll deliver medications, equipment and supplies safely straight to your doorstep and provide you with flexible options for you to get your infusions (even at night). You won’t have to waste time driving to a clinic or hospital to receive care, and avoid wasted time sitting in the waiting room.


Timely benefits verification, eligibility, and patient assistance process helps you gain the necessary approval and funding (if applicable) for you to access your medications sooner. Educational programs that empower you with knowledge.

Comprehensive Care

Coordinated medical, pharmacy, and nursing home care through innovative digital tools and clinical programs that enables safe, convenient, and effective treatment in the home. We’ll serve as your one-stop shop to coordinate healthcare between providers.


Dedicated pharmacists available 24/7, One Infusion has a unique care model that not only enables you to stay in constant communication with us, but also we advocate to your other medical providers on your behalf.

Unsatisfied with your current infusion provider?

Let Us Serve You!

We understand you’re busy, so we personalize care plans to make your home infusion experience as convenient and seamless as possible.

Step #1: Contact Us

Request us to transfer of your prescription to Prosper Infusion by calling us or filling out the contact form. Or, you can tell your doctor to send your prescription to us.

Step #2: Onboarding

Our clinical care team will collect information, conduct a goals assessment, and create a unique care plan. We'll also help out with verifying insurance benefits.

Step #3: Thrive and Prosper

We coordinate shipping and nursing visits in the home, deliver medications, monitor your health status, and work with your other providers to keep you healthy.

We'd Love to for You to Become Family