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What's Your Organization Doing to Bend Costs?

Specialty pharmacy continues to increase year-over-year at double-digit rates. Managing not just the infusion care of a patient, but the overall care, leads to a better member experience, promotes improved health outcomes, and reduces unnecessary healthcare costs.

Inefficiency #1

The majority (approximately 75%) of infusion patients are treated at higher cost sites of care (eg, hospitals or hospital outpatient departments)

Inefficiency #2

Infusion care is typically isolated and separate from managing the patient’s diseases holistically

Inefficiency #3

Current infusion providers focus on traditional fee-for-service models and less on advanced value-based care models

Value-based Infusion Care

Prosper Infusion seeks to be a viable partner to health plans and employers to offer best-in-class, integrated infusion pharmacy solutions.

Our Holistic Approach

Preventative Medicine

Prosper Infusion leverages its innovative digital suite of healthcare technology to provide telehealth services that focus on preventative medicine.

Behavioral Health

A large number of patients with chronic, complex conditions suffer from mental health diseases. We believe managing mental health is just as important to managing their disease.

Specialty Infusion Care

Prosper Infusion excels in delivering infusion services, but we focus on integrating the infusion care with the management of other other comorbidities.

Diet & Nutrition

We work with registered dieticians to help patients design and implement diet and nutrition services, which ultimately compliment the therapy and promotes overall health benefits.

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